Davies & Co Lawyers – Perth, WA

Davies & Co Lawyers is a boutique law firm based in the Western Suburbs of Perth

Davies & Co Lawyers provides premium legal advice and representation to business, individuals and families based primarily in Western Australia. Our barristers and solicitors practice exclusively in the areas of Family Law, Court Representation, Dispute Resolution, Wills, Estate Planning and Probate.

Our Perth family law lawyers provide advice and representation to both married and unmarried couples in all areas of Family Law including Divorce, Division of Property and Assets, Spousal and De Facto Maintenance, Parenting Issues, Child Support and Financial Agreements.

We are able to represent Western Australian, overseas and interstate clients in all courts and tribunals throughout Australia, including the Supreme Court, Family Court, District Court, Magistrate’s Court and State Administrative Tribunal of Western Australia.

Our vision is to provide superior legal advice and representation based on our extensive industry experience, which is tailored to the individual needs and requirements of our clients. We are pro-active, approachable, flexible, friendly and understanding.

We offer out of hours appointments during the week and at weekends to our family law clients, and regularly meet with our family law, business and other clients in their own home or at their business premises.

For the convenience of our family law, business and other clients, we embrace all methods of electronic communication.