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We provide premium family law legal advice and representation to mums and dads, married, unmarried and same-sex couples in all areas of family law, including divorce and separation, property settlement and maintenance, binding financial agreements, parenting arrangements, child support and family violence restraining orders.

As we are a family-run business, you will always receive the best, personal sympathetic, and welcoming approach from our family lawyers. Our clients seem to like our way of doing things, as they often refer friends and family members to us.

From our head office in Nedlands, our team are the best placed to provide our family law services to clients throughout the Western Suburbs, including Claremont, Cottesloe, Dalkeith, Fremantle, Mosman Park, Peppermint Grove, Subiaco and Swanbourne. We also have an office in Joondalup.

Family Lawyers Perth

Family Law

Our family lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

We will help you understand the legal process and resolve your family law matter quickly and with the minimum expense.

Where possible, our family lawyers will explore options for dispute resolution, including mediation. Still, if it is not possible to resolve your matter consensually, we will guide you through the Family Court process and do all things necessary to safeguard your interests and maximise the outcome.

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Divorce & Separation

Divorce & Separation

Our family lawyers are experts in the legal separation process. They can assist you to make or oppose a divorce application and are able to appear at the hearing with you.

It is not possible to apply for divorce unless you have been separated from your former spouse for at least 12 months.

Certain time limits apply in Family Court proceedings, where parties seek property settlement and maintenance orders. If you separate from your partner, you will need to commence any property settlement and maintenance application within these time limits.

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Davies & Co Lawyers | Mediation Services

Mediation Services

Our family lawyers provide clients with mediation and family dispute resolution services in relation to financial settlements and parenting arrangements, both prior to and after the commencement of Family Court proceedings. They also conduct lawyer-assisted Mediation Style Conferences.

Our Principal, Mark Davies, is accredited by the Attorney General’s Department as a family dispute resolution practitioner and is a nationally accredited mediator under the national mediator accreditation system as well as a family lawyer. Mark can issue a certificate that enables filing a Family Court application for parenting orders.

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Davies & Co Lawyers | Wills & Estate Planning

Wills & Estate Planning

From the simple to the very complex, our experienced family lawyers provide wills and estate planning advice, including in relation to standard wills, testamentary trusts, enduring powers of attorney, enduring powers of guardianship, advanced health directives, and probate.

If you have been unfairly left out of a Will, or have received less that you are entitled to, it may be possible to bring a Family Provision Claim. If there is more than one Will, the person making the Will did not have capacity to make it, or the Will was made under the influence, then it may be possible to contest the Will.

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Family Law Property Settlement & Maintenance advice in Perth WA

Property Settlement & Maintenance

Whether your assets are complex or straightforward, our lawyers will ensure that you receive what is just and equitable. We often deal with complex property settlement matters involving company and trust structures, overseas assets, and superannuation, but we are equally focused on helping those of our clients with more modest assets.

Whilst our family lawyers have substantial Family Court experience, we understand that such proceedings can be expensive and emotionally draining. That is why our focus is on working to resolve property settlement matters quickly and in the most cost-effective way. Indeed, most of our clients are able to reach a property settlement by way of an application for consent orders or a binding financial agreement.

Family Law Advice in Perth For Parenting Arrangements

Parenting Arrangements

Reaching an agreement with your former spouse or partner about arrangements for your children can be difficult. There are many issues to deal with including who the children with live with, how much time the other parent will spend with the children, where the children go to school, what happens in the school holidays and who is going to pay for books, clothes and medical treatment. Of course, the individual circumstances of children and their parents may change over time, such that arrangements may need to be changed.

Our family lawyers are highly trained in parenting disputes and will help you try and reach agreements that are in the best interests of your children. We also have considerable experience of dealing with child support matters.

We provide our clients with child focused practical advice, to help them minimise parental conflict and ensure that their children have a meaningful and loving relationship with both parents were possible.

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Family Violence Restraining Orders

Family Violence Restraining Orders

The most common reason for seeking a family violence restraining order (FVRO) is violence from a partner or former partner towards you or your children or a genuine fear that violence will be committed in the future.

Family violence is not limited to physical assaults and includes any behaviour that coerces or controls another family member or causes them to be fearful. It includes, derogatory remarks, denying financial autonomy or financial support and distributing or publishing, or threatening to distribute or publish personal images.

Our family lawyers act for clients who seek the protection of an FVRO and clients who have been served with an FVRO. If you are served with an FVRO you should seek legal advice from one of our experienced family lawyers as early as possible, as there are time limits that apply to any objection you may wish to make.

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